KC Royals…Not Boring!


by Austin Jacobs- Ruckus Editor

It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan in KC, and this is one of the first times in my lifetime (being born in the 80′s) that I can say that. No matter what sport you are into KC’s team is playing at a high level. We have the Royals in an exciting and tight playoff race, our Chiefs are off to their strongest start in recent history, and Sporting KC leads the division with the playoffs just around the corner. Continue reading

Autumn is Upon Us

by Meredith Schneider ~ Ruckus Writer

The weather has indicated that autumn is (finally!) on its way. Starbucks and Caribou Coffee announced their fall flavors being back in mid-August, which made us curious. So we sought out some Kansas City haunts that are bringing back their autumn classics to tantalize our taste buds for a limited time only! Read on, and be sure to check them all off your list!

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 11_28_23 AMWe all know about the pumpkin menu items at chain breakfast joints, but the best caffeinated beverages are brewed locally! Try a pumpkin latte or pumpkin chai tea latte at a local place like Scooter’s, Headrush Roasters, Coffee Girl’s Café, One More Cup, or Crossroads Coffeehouse! Donut King has been blessing the metropolitan area with award winning donuts for decades. Be sure to stop by their location on Armour Road to check out their pumpkin spice donut. They are open seven days a week with hours ranging from 5am to 11pm on Sunday through Wednesday and 24-hour drive thru hours on Thursday through Saturday.  Pop in for their Happy Hour every day from 2-6pm to get your mid-day coffee pick-me-up! You’re welcome. Continue reading

Belly Dancing Happiness

by Meredith Schneider – Ruckus Writer

Are you past the phase where you did things in public that came off as creepy to other people? Playing with your new camera by taking pictures at a park full of children. Staring off into space and then realizing there is actually a person in your line of vision. Belly dancing around strangers. You know, that kind of thing.

 Oh, that’s just me?Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 4.27.34 PM Continue reading

Bus To Show: Amazingly Fun Solution To Halt Drunk Driving

image credit: Mollie Hull, www.seenimagery.com

Somebunny Val Yelton Baul: Mollie Hull, www.seenimagery.com

As I was coming out of Sunfresh in midtown the other day, I spotted a large white school bus from which infectious dance music was pouring and glittery, colored light was streaming. Seconds later, a bubbly woman sporting metallic purple face paint and gigantic blue bunny ears emerged from the bus. Then a young man bolted out of it and I asked him, “What is that bus?” His answer came: “Bus To Show.” I had no clue what “Bus To Show” meant! I then bravely walked into the groovy white bus and began asking questions. Continue reading

Your Loyal Bloggers

Austin JacobsAustin Jacobs: Austin Jacobs is co-editor of our blog and a KC lifer. He knows the ins and outs of how to be a true Kansas Citian: where to get the cheapest beer, how to deal with the meat sweats, the best spots to see live music, where to find free pools to sneak into, how to spot a tourist (what is that beer called Boulevard on tap?), and of course the crushing disappointment that comes year after year with being a sports fan in KC (that’s right you too Sporting! We want championships!). He also enjoys disc golf, bluegrass, rivers, and of course scribing, especially on the topic of KC happenings.

Christy ChajonChristy Chajon: Christy spends most of her time working to make a better life for me, Robbie, and Little Woof (her dogs). She promised us a house with a yard and she delivered! We spend a lot of time playing or hanging out on the couch. We like Kansas City because there are so many dog parks around, plus all the regular parks we go to. We all like to have friends over for dinner (as long as they don’t eat mine!) and game nights. I’m in charge of guarding the house and Woof is in charge of…well, she’s pretty.

Annie BootonAnnie Booton: I am a redheaded cat lady who is currently an unemployed lawyer, battling intra-career limbo by attempting to cure addictions to shopping, high cholesterol foods, and not getting out of bed each day. I wanted to see how long I could make that sentence before it hurt my head. I have no tattoos and almost all my factory setting bodily extremities– my two front teeth are fake. I’m a Kansas City transplant, after growing up in St. Louis, Chicago and Exeter, New Hampshire, and am now deeply devoted to KU basketball, the Royals’ Alex Gordon and burnt ends from LC’s. I am much more normal than I wish I were and try to expand my mind through music, by diving deeply into the Internets and by drinking non-”Natural Light” beers. Writing/blogging has always been a favorite activity of mine, whether on my tragic circa 2001 Xanga page, for Collegefashionista.com, or my new favorite outlet- Local Ruckus. People say I have a very “unique voice” in my writing- I just call it “confessions of an ADD mind that is deceptively brilliant, and waiting to have a movie made about it, with the title character played by Sandra Bullock”. (Hollywood agents inquire within).

Leah StephensLeah Stella Stephens:  I’m known as Stellabelle on Youtube. I drive a weird baby blue art car. I enjoy finding odd things and sharing them. I once made a music video for people who like to eat sandwiches while they exercise. I would like to live in an ecovillage someday.




Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider: Meredith Schneider is 2/3 of a set of identical twin sisters from KC (The math works on that, right?). She and said twin own their own KC-based DoubleTake Productions, which is probably the best thing since the incarnation of her guilty pleasure favorite band (Can you say “MMMBop”?). She has lived on both coasts, and is currently completing her checklist of things mentioned in “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)”. She loves spoiling people with baked goods (because women belong in the kitchen), eating sharp cheddar cheese (when she’s feeling feisty), and threatening to punch people (because who doesn’t enjoy the thought of random acts of violence?). Meredith enjoys speaking in third person when she wants to assert her superiority over others. She thinks it makes her sound more important. Find out more about her HERE!


New Faces in Westport’s Bar Lineup

by Annie Booton – Ruckus Writer

gambols4 Heraclitus once said, “There is nothing permanent except change.” This can be a scary concept for some people, especially when it comes to changing something with a storied tradition or robust following. Consider the bar and restaurant scene in Westport: Kelly’s Westport Inn occupies one of the oldest buildings in KC and has been around since 1947. When you go there, you know there is a cover, a DJ or band, usually some fratters and most likely a bachelorette party or two. Adding new venues into the Westport scene can be a risky decision, as some people want to stay at their personal favorite bars and not try something new. Continue reading

Plenty of Leisure on Labor Day Weekend

by Meredith Schneider – Ruckus Writer


Beautiful Shawnee Mission Lake is the backdrop for Pops in the Park (via flickr)

Labor Day is a holiday that often gets taken for granted unless you own a lake house or have a rich uncle to fly you somewhere for the three-day weekend. That being said, there are so many things to do in KC this weekend that I’m having trouble keeping my head on straight (and my money in my pocket, I’m sure!). 

Continue reading

Family Fun at the City Market

by Christy Chajon – Ruckus Editor imagesCAGAD77Q

When you go to the City Market, you will start to feel the energy in the air before you even get out of the car. Everywhere you look, people are having a good time, and you will be swept up in the excitement. Walking through the center of the City Market is like being in the middle of a giant street fair; there are crafts of every kind, baked goods, beautiful flowers, all kinds of food to eat, and many other items and activities. Continue reading

PopFest KC: A Week-Long Celebration of Cocktails, Jazz and Sin

by Austin Jacobs – Ruckus Editor

Well everyone, eat a hearty breakfast and get well hydrated because Wednesday, August 21 kicks off the Paris of the Plains Cocktail Festival (PopFest): five days of drinking, dancing, jazz, and everything else cocktails held at venues across the city.POPFESTKC_HEADER_3 Continue reading

Leila’s Hair Museum: The Only Hair Museum in the World

by Leah Stella Stephens – Ruckus Writer

Leila Cohoon, owner of Leila’s Hair Museum in Independence, Missouri, has been obsessed with one thing for over sixty years: hair. It all began in 1956 when she happened upon a small hair art arrangement in an antique store on the Plaza. Ever since that first find, she has been collecting and displaying hair and hair art in her museum. Her husband refers to that original hair arrangement as the most expensive piece in her collection because in his words, “Look what it started.”

hair1In her museum is hair from Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, your distant Russian relatives, your Swedish great Grandmother and your relatives in Turkey whom you’ve never met. There’s no other hair museum in the world; however, there does exist a sizable personal collection in Germany which Leila wants to buy (but Bill Gates hasn’t called yet to donate.) Continue reading